Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Most Haunted

When this phrase comes up, I'm sure many places come to mind for those who are familiar with the topic of hauntings.  The one place which comes to mind for me would be the Borley Rectory in Essex, England.  The history of the rectory is fairly long and full of legend, so I won't recount that on this post, but you can find all of the information concerning that portion of it both here at Wikipedia and here from the Essex Ghost Hunters.

Before the Rectory itself was destroyed in a fire in 1939, there were many manifestations including spectral lights, figures, (especially that of a nun), levitated and thrown objects, (even at people), moved objects, and conversations with a spirit using in essence the "knock once for yes, knock twice for no" methodology.  One of the most compelling pieces of evidence documented was a picture which supposedly shows the nun figure walking along the churchyard.

Even this however, was not the most startling thing found.  Writing would commonly appear on the walls without cause.  Even stranger, was that the writing was entreating one of the owners of the rectory for help.

The vast majority of these occurrences were witnessed by multiple people as well, which helps to show something above the norm was going on.  The most famous witness, (and who provided many of the later witnesses during his investigation), was the famous ghost hunter Harry Price.  He would later write a book concerning his study of the happenings at Borley Rectory.  I have read his book and honestly can find no fault in any of his methods as he was exceedingly thorough.  I find it hard to believe any form of trickery available during this time period could have possibly escaped his notice for long.  If you wish to read his book yourself, (which I recommend you do), you can pick it up here at Amazon.

Even though the Rectory itself is gone, activity apparently still continues to this day.  The Essex Ghost Hunters are some of those who have witnessed it.

They have witnessed many orbs, which I personally do not put much stock into, but also shadowy figures and have had things thrown at them.  You can read their experiences here.

So what do you think?  Does the Rectory deserve the title of the Most Haunted House in England?  I certainly think it does.  Honestly, I have not heard of any place really which can compare worldwide, however, if any of the readers wants to suggest a place, please do so as I am always willing to change my mind with sufficient evidence.    

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dreams Updated

So, I may have jumped the gun slightly, but in my defense I didn't quite believe it anyway.  The site I linked to previously was talked about again on the next episode of my podcast and shown to belong to a marketing firm.  So, obviously this is some kind of viral marketing deal.  From now on, I"ll check domain registrations.  On a sidenote, I am fascinated by the idea of viral marketing, but in cases like this it simply gets frustrating.  The idea of the post remains though.  Have any of you ever had a dream which later came true?  I have had a few, although nothing of any importance whatsoever.  Let me know of your experiences and I'll post them here if you would like.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


There are few things which have captured the thoughts of people for centuries than dreaming.  The topic in itself would be rather broad, so I will leave information on dream theory to a google search which will bring up all the information you would possibly need.  This post will simply cover recurring elements in a dream spanning many people.  I had heard of this, but never gave it much thought until a podcast I listen to frequently mentioned this website in one of their episodes.

In essence, this site is posting a study of people who have seen this man in their dreams in order to study the phenomenon and provide support for the dreamers.

Browse through the site, there are posted stories from those who have dreamed about him as well as posters in many languages to hang up to gather information.  I'm not going to discuss the theories listed on the site as they seem to be pretty generic for dream theories.  What I'm interested in the truth in this site.  Which brings to mind a few questions.  Things such as this have happened before, but it's odd there aren't more case studies or stories on the site.  Also, the site has been running for a few years now but no updates have really been made in all that time.  No results on studies, nothing.  Also, for a study, the site itself isn't very well done whatsoever.  Initially, I would think this would have been a viral campaign, possibly for an alternate reality game, but I have not heard anything concerning this either.  All I can say for certain is that I have never dreamed of this man.  So, what do you think?  Fact or fiction?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Paranormal Encounters

So, while I am gathering information for a new post, I thought I would share this.

Since the paranormal is becoming more and more, well, let's say popular for lack of a better word, many people wish and want to know how they can have a paranormal experience.  This comes up very frequently on the internet and in real life.  So, here is my response.

I don't think how is a question which can be answered.  If experiences could be set up at will, we wouldn't have nearly as hard a time showing any such phenomenon exist.  The questions I can answer are, should you want an experience or do you really want one?

I was very interested in these topics way before they started becoming more mainstream.  One thing I discovered before I ever had any major experience was, truth is much scarier and stranger than any movie.  This I learned quickly from my research.  I know how that sounds, but please bear it in mind.  There are some doors of knowledge which, once opened, can be hard to shut.

Also, make no mistake about it, a paranormal experience can and will change your life.  Maybe not for the better.  Different people react in different ways when they see things they thought they knew since birth suddenly turned upside down.  It really starts a questioning process of what exactly we do know about our world.  Then, there's the question of sanity, embarrassment of talking about the experience, plus coming to terms with what just happened.  These are not easy things.

In essence, keep this in your thoughts.  The rabbit hole may certainly look inviting, but inside it can be a very scary place to be.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Missing

Okay, back again for hopefully what will be more normal updates.  So, recently two new books by David Paulides has caused quite a stir.  They are collectively titled "Missing 411" and detail unexplained disappearances in National Parks and Forests.  So, what is odd about this?  I asked myself the same question.  A lot can happen in the wilderness.  The books' website includes two examples of the cases included to which I'm going to try to go over the possibilities.  Here is the site itself with the example cases:

The first concerns a man who disappeared in Glacier Bay National Park.  His name was Robert O'Keefe and he was not a novice to the area, nor an inexperienced hiker.  His tent was pitched on Wolf Point fairly close to the water as rangers found the tide line close to the tent when they first started to investigate.  Most of Mr. O'Keefe's possessions were still present at the campsite, there were no signs of a struggle, nothing to give any indication that he would not be returning within the next few hours from a day hike.  Obviously, this was not the case.  Even as disturbing as this sounds, there were no tracks, animal or otherwise.  Dogs could not pick up a scent whatsoever.  What was perhaps the strangest thing of all, is that about 100 yards away from the campsite Mr. O'Keefe's boots were found, but nothing else.

So, let's step through this...  inclement weather was not the cause, nor an animal attack.  Remember, undisturbed campsite, no tracks.  He didn't intend to be gone long, as you'll see if you read the entire first case, he didn't pack anything for a long haul.  Drowning definitely does not seem likely as he was above the tide line and was not known to be suicidal.  By the same token, the body should have washed up.  Where would he have gone without boots?  As silly as it may sound to some, these would have been a necessity.  Finally, it's much harder to shake a dog with your scent than the movies would have you believe.  So, the fact that the dogs could not find anything, not even decomposition makes this even stranger.

The next case is similar, but occurs at Mt. Rainier, in Washington.  The man was Chet Hanson, 27 years old who was an avid hiker and photographer.  He was on his way to a lake he had been to before to take photographs and simply disappeared.  Some other hikers saw him, but didn't really speak to him.  He passed by where they were having lunch on a lookout, stayed for a bit, then walked back down the trail.  He was sweating a bit, but nothing really seemed odd.  So, obviously from this, he didn't get lost, and why would he?  This was an area he was very familiar with.  Even though he had exerted himself, (his camera setup weighed 35 pounds), he wasn't suffering from exhaustion, as he was not dropping items as he went.  Just like before, dogs could not find any scent at all.  Seems odd that a trained dog could find no trace of a man who was sweating heavily doesn't it?

From here, Paulides made a map of disappearances and noticed a pattern of sorts.

Most of the disappearances tend to center around certain areas.  The reason for this I can't fathom, and neither can he.  It has been noticed that many of these areas are the same ones in which bigfoot sightings typically occur, but, once again, no tracks, no scent.  Nothing that would signify a bigfoot had been around from what we have seen of previous sightings.  So, what's the explanation?  Maybe someone out there can tell all of us because frankly, I'm stumped.

For more informaton, here is the website for the books, which also includes links to purchase them.  I have not yet done so, but intend to as soon as I can.

Finally, here is a news video which also gives a bit more info:
8 News NOW

So, what are your opinions?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mystery Mound Update

So, originally I had hoped to post a map of the area where the mound was likely to be.  Granted, I had never studied geology or fault lines so, when googling a map of the fault line I quickly realized that instead of a distinct line on a map, fault lines appear to be generally mapped according to an area, instead of a straight line.  In other words, that makes pinpointing an exact location from Teague's vague directions in relation to the fault line as a daunting task.  Added to the fact, yes, he did mention a waterway, however in a national forest there will be plenty of those.  Depending on the size, some of them will not be shown on any but the most detailed local area map.  This I know from my own hiking experience.  So, without more exact directions, this would be an almost ridiculous task.

During my time off, I have had some time to think about this a little bit deeper as well and I have ran into some issues with Teague's account past the ones I had mentioned earlier.  Teague never mentions staying overnight.  Which means, the Mound is close to whereever it was they had parked at.  This confirms my own conclusion and experience that Teague could not have hiked more than 5 miles into the forest.  This doesn't sound like much, but for someone not used to hiking and doing so over rough terrain, this is an arduous task.  I know this from my own experience.  So, even being generous and saying 5 miles in maximum, that still leaves a hike of 10 miles each day for a there and back trip.  Seems a bit farfetched that something that close to a parking area, etc., in a national park would not have been found by rangers.  Finally, for all the people Teague took with him, how come he's the only one who has ever said anything concerning the Mound?

It is now my theory that the Mystery Mound more than likely does not exist, but there are still questions.  Teague obviously went somewhere, as the pictures were not faked.  So, where did he get them?  Why even go through this much trouble?  What about the other witnesses which would definitely lend more credibility to the story?  I guess these questions could only be answered by Teague or an associate, if any would answer questions or come forward.

On my next post, I may  have some information on stuff in my local area, plus some information on an area in Siberia called Tunguska, which is a very interesting place for being taiga.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Still alive and kicking

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while but I've been really busy and so took a short break.  Rest assured I will have more updates soon, including any indication if I can find the Missouri Mystery Mound area using simple maps.  Be patient and I will be back soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MIB Video Update

So, sorry I haven't had time to analyze any maps or anything for the Mystery Mound.  But, I did hear an interview from the investigators involved with the MIB video.  Consensus is...  this was not a hoax or a fake in any way.  The people who originally had the encounter have quit their jobs and have reported all sorts of other activity now occurring in their homes.  In other words, they are very scared.  According to those who spoke with the alleged MIB, they had on really bad wigs, had no eyebrows, were extremely pale with huge blue eyes which were described as "hypnotizing."  So, final verdict, something odd did occur, and may still be occurring but what exactly it is or was is still under question.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Missouri Mystery Mound Part 2

After about two or three trips, Teague finally found what he was looking for while exploring the Mark Twain National Forest.  Following the directions from his clues, he came upon a rock which looked to be in the shape of a lizard.

From this point on, things begin to exhibit a much higher level of strange.  During subsequent trips, Teague claims to have found many carvings and doorways into the mound itself.  Some of those are shown below.

Teague claims other things have been noted as well.  One of the most striking is that the area has been shaped into different images which can only be seen from the air.  After examining those images, I chose not to include them in this post simply because I believe he's seeing the same thing which allows us to see shapes in clouds.  The mind is simply trying to make sense of what it's seeing and so sees familiar shapes.  I could not find anything definitely striking about the images.  However, in the below image he does claim the lines are boundary walls.

Teague made many trips to the mound, even to the point of bringing friends and visitors to see it as well.  Each time he and his associates went, they were accosted by a group of men who wanted Teague's group to come with them.  Teague always refused.  Sometimes the encounters were even threatening.  What the men were doing there or protecting, Teague doesn't know.

As another point of oddity, Teague also claims to have seen creatures observing him in pictures which had been taken.  One of these as well as it's enhanced version is show below:

There does appear to be something there, but what it is I'm not sure.  I don't believe the picture was tampered with, but, once again it could be a case of seeing what you want to see instead of what is there.

As of right now, Teague does not plan on making any more trips to the Mound.

I know this version of the story was very curtailed, but you can read more at these sites:

So, what exactly is in the forest?  I'm not sure.  If all the picture evidence is to be believed, Teague did find something as evidenced by the picture of the door on one of the above sites.  Whatever it is though, I do believe he has been mistaken on some of his claims.  Either way, it would be interesting to see if there is actually anything there.  Soon I hope to have time to compare his directions and pictures to satellite imagery and see if I can come up with a location of the mound to post.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Missouri Mystery Mound Part 1

So, this story was initially very catching but after reading and looking at everything I am not convinced that everything presented is true.  I do agree something odd was found though.

For anyone who didn't know, the Missouri Mystery Mound is a man-made "mound" as well as a series of interconnected passages underneath a section of the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri.  Mounds built by Native Americans are not uncommon whatsoever, but this one was definitely unique.  For more information on Native American mounds, click here.

The basic story of the Mystery Mound really begins and ends with man by the name of Charles Teague.  Mr. Teague was researching for clues to a possible location of the Holy Grail in North America when he caught an interview with a Native American shaman on a radio show by Art Bell.  The shaman claimed to have been exploring when he was approached by another Native American.  This stranger blindfolded the shaman and led him to a place in the deep woods which contained a hall of records under a mountain.  It apparently also encompassed many ancient artifacts.  Upon recollection, the shaman claimed he did not know the exact location of these treasures, but was positive of an approximate location.

This story fascinated Teague, so he began to research it, quickly getting nowhere.  His apparent breakthrough came in the form of reverse speech.  This is at one of the junctions the story begins to seem more the work of fantasy than anything realistic.  Reverse speech is the idea that humans not only speak forwards using their conscious mind to direct the thoughts and sounds, but also backwards at the same time.  The unconscious mind is in control of the backwards speech which can apparently give insight into the thoughts of the speaker.  For those of you who initially got confused, think about the old stories of playing a rock song backwards to hear lyrics about devil worship and claiming that was what the person was thinking while they were singing.  More information on reverse speech can be found here.

Mr. Teague had recorded the entire interview with the shaman and decided to analyse it using reverse speech.  What he claimed to have found was a series of clues which hinted at the location of the hidden hall of records.  Below are some of his clues as well as his interpretation:

"Maps yield it"
This told me that the location could be found on a map. Whether it was a general map or a personal map, I wasn't sure.

 "Seize the fault in America"
I surmise that the site was along a fault line.

 "Missouri, you fear it"
This confirmed it was located along the New Madrid fault in Missouri.

 "Me and my bow and that Ozarks. There where found it"
The site was found in the Ozarks.

"Rock, there it's hiddeth"
The Hall of Records is under a rock or the entrance is.

"Mile de wet"
There is a mile of wet ground or water or swamp, possibly a ravine, canal or stream.

"Mill is lizard"
The location of the site has something to do with a lizard. This totally confused me. What did a lizard have to do with the Hall of Records?

 "Moss make gather"
"We all soily and knows it"
"See bury gift"
"The wig go wet"
"Moss may gather"
this group of reversals reveals that the location of the site is covered in moss, lots of soil and wet ground. So to see the buried gift one must get wet and dirty. One must go down a "shaft" to reach the Hall of Records.

No matter your thoughts on the process of which the clues were obtained, they did provide Mr. Teague with a starting point, although not much else.  Feeling at a loss, Teague left the subject alone until he read some information on Col. George Morgan, an army officer who helped create peace between Native Americans and Revolutionaries during the Revolutionary War.  Teague's main point of curiosity was where the Colonel obtained his riches.  Teague believed it came from the Native Americans as there was no indication it could have come from anywhere else.  Upon examining the coat of arms of the family, (shown below) Teague discovered what he believed to be a grid map on the 3rd panel down on the left.

After examining some maps, Teague narrowed down an area to search.

As strange and farfetched as this sounds...  it definitely gets more so.

For my opinions on this story thus far, I have never really studied Grail lore, however...  I cannot fathom the Grail finding a resting place in North America from ancient times.  Stranger things have happened though.  From what little I have read of reverse speech, unless specifically engineered to give a message backwards, playing normal speech in this fashion and gaining any information from it is simply your brain attempting to make sense of nonsensical sounds.  Finally, coats of arms tend to have a variety of symbols, all of which with different meanings.  Am I saying I don't believe it would be a map?  No.  It could very well be possible.  I will say I cannot imagine how anyone could gather any information from a tiny square with two X's and a squiggly line going between them.

So, thus far we have a high sense of disbelief.  In the next part, I will describe what Teague found, which even though seems more unbelievable, adds in at least some credibility in that he did find something in the forest....

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shadow People

A few years ago I was privileged to hear Chris Fleming speak at a small conference.  During this conference, he mentioned entities known as "shadow people."  Now, I had previously unheard of this term but suddenly I felt very apprehensive.  As far as I know, I have had no experiences with these beings, although I have my suspicions that I may have.  Either way, I've become slightly fascinated by them. 

Shadow People are dark, humanoid entities seen normally at the peripheral of your vision or in rarer cases, head on.  They are generally regarded as evil and leave people feeling very unpleasant to say the least.  A simple google search will pull a lot of information on them, but sadly few credible images or video.  The best video I have seen was on an episode of Ghost Hunters.  It did show a dark, shadow entity rise up out of a corridor in a cellblock and run down a walkway they were filming.  This was filmed at Eastern State Penitentiary, which is interesting considering pictures I will post below are also taken from there.

Images are worse than video, however, I have found a few images from Chris Fleming which show an original picture with a shadow person, plus the enhancements to verify the picture.

The first picture is the original, then the original which has been brightened.  The next three are a cropped image, then the image under a spectral analysis and thermal analysis.

Obviously, something is there, and it does not show any form of heat. 

So, the question is, what are these things?  I'm not entirely sure.  There are many theories but they tend to be as varied as the fake photos of them which keep popping up.  No matter what they are, I would love to catch evidence of one of them and will definitely be keeping up with any sighting I come across.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't be fooled

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers.  It was really appreciated. 

So, this post will be fairly short and for this one I decided to show some easy debunking tips.  Okay, first things first.  Orbs.  I hold absolutely no faith in orbs.  99% of the time an orb picture is simply dust, unless you can prove that the speck you are seeing is luminous by its own right or is moving separate from the laws of nature.  If you don't believe me, simply shake a rug in a dark room and take a picture with flash.  Look, orbs!  Except, not really, it's dust. 

The next thing is analyzing video.  Things can be seen in video which initially may look like something paranormal even though it's not.  Take this for example: 

Kinda odd right?  Well, if you pause the video right when the object goes across, you see this:

The object looks remarkably like a common moth right?  Which is what it is. 

Finally, let's look again at the too good to be true scenario

So, if you watched the video, you see something very odd.  Now, the story itself does not make much sense, but there is the video to back it up right?  Not really, because the thing shown, resembles a creature from an '80s movie very closely.

Good try, but I simply don't think the video is believable at all. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gone for a few days

I am sorry everyone who is keeping up with this project of mine, but I will be taking a few days off.  My fiance's father just passed away today.  Please keep us in mind no matter your beliefs and faiths. 

MIB on tape?

Okay, so I'm betting now you're thinking, "Oh great, all this is going to be is a UFO blog."  Well, not really no.  This just came out and it was interesting enough to create another post related to UFOs.  So, the general synopsis of this is, two people spot a UFO and make a report.  Later, two men dressed in black suits with odd physical descriptions show up at their work inquiring about them.  There is a video which gives more detail, which I'm linking below:

You can also read the full report of the UFO sighting and subsequent MIB visit here:  UFO Report 

Now, this is interesting because after years of hearing MIB stories and not a shred of evidence, they walk in all conspicuous to a busy hotel where it is known there will be cameras.  Hmm...  seems kind of odd really.  Also, even though yes, they do match the MIB description, they match another description as well.  That of the Observers in Fringe.

Now, granted, I consider J.J. Abrams a genius, but this is not him.  Nor does it fit the idea of fans, or a publicity stunt.  So, actual MIB or a prank/stunt?  Don't really know.  I do think though, it seems a bit too good to be true, and in this topic, that usually means something's faked.  Sad but true.  I'll post again if something else comes up.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Okay, so for those of you who don't know, BEK refers to Black Eyed Kids.  This is a fairly new paranormal phenomena from the late 90's.  There is not much reference to any such thing before then.  The initial encounter was reported by Brian Bethel.  I won't go into detail on him here as any Google search will turn him and what happened up.  Instead, I am just going to do a brief overview of BEK experiences since most of them follow a specific pattern. 

So, the basic premise goes like this.  You are alone at night, either out somewhere or at your home when you are approached by 1-3 kids or teenagers.  They seem normal at first, but they give you a creepy feeling.  They want some favor of you and are very well spoken.  The favor can be something as mundane as needing to use the phone.  Either way, they have to come inside your house, car, whatever to perform their task.  It is at this point the person notices that the eyes of the kid are completely black.  No, I don't mean punched in the eye, I mean, the entire eye is jet black.  From this point, a sense of unease becomes terror.  The victim denies the request of the kids which prompts the kids to become exceedingly insistent.  Eventually the person leaves or the kids leave once you get out of immediate view.  One story from a camper claims his tent was knocked on all night long by these kids claiming they were cold and begging to be let in.  I have heard of no report which claims a person has let these kids into their house or whatever, but the general feeling is if you do something bad will happen. 

Now, are these things real?  The answer is, no one as yet knows.  The general agreement though is that the eyes are not caused by contacts.  The only proof I have had of this being a natural thing is a report of a young girl who was caught in a flood with chemicals in the water.  The trauma and chemicals caused this effect in her eyes but she died shortly thereafter.  So, for right now I will have to rule that out.  So, assuming this terrifying tale is true, what are they?  There are a ton of theories, but not a shred of evidence to any of them.  Once again, I'm trying not to be lazy but, all of these things can be easily read by a simple google search. 

So, what are my thoughts?  Well, I'm not sure to be honest.  This could easily be faked, but it is so prolific you would almost have to have random kids deciding it would be fun to mess with people and doing it on their own.  That doesn't seem likely to me.  Anyone with any info care to let me know?  I would be very interested to hear it!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Skinny Bob Followup

So, after doing some more research I have come to my own conclusions about the Skinny Bob video series.  First though, I'll discuss what it was I found out.  The Zeta Reticuli system mentioned in the first video does indeed exist, but here's where things get a bit odd.  The video says Skinny Bob is from this system, however there is a woman by the name of Nancy Leider who has ran what seems to be a Doomsday cult since the early '90s who claims to  be in contact with these aliens.  I won't go into further details on their beliefs suffice to say they are enough to make anyone's head spin from the crazy.  Needless to say, they endorse the videos fully. 

The main videos to be found on Youtube are released by a group or person who goes by the name 'Discl0sur3'.  Discl0sur3 has been blamed of faking many videos and after looking to see how prolific the name is online, (seems like too much advertising to me), as well as some of the stuff on their wordpress site, I'm not inclined to believe they are a trustworthy source of anything. 

Finally, I mentioned the MJ12 name in relation to a secret group known as Majestic 12 who were assigned by the government to track UFO activity.  The documents relating to the existence of MJ12 have been under close scrutiny, and even though they haven't officially been proven to be fakes, it seems as though most people consider them to be.  I may check back with that later on, but for now, I don't know much more than that about them. 

So, this information to me, only points to the videos being faked.  Granted, some experts have been stumped by them and they are exceedingly well done, but I simply cannot find any evidence to support the idea that they are authentic.  Great job to whoever created them though. 

So, I think my next topic will probably be the Black Eyed Kids, (BEK) phenomena that's been talked about a lot.  Unless of course something more interesting catches my eye or I have investigation material to post.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Skinny Bob Videos

Okay, so for those of you who didn't know, there has been a series of videos, well, one in particular that has caused tons of debate online.  What the video shows is supposed real footage of an alien captured by the US Government in the '40s.  The video also alludes to other documents and video which were also leaked but there are no other traces of this online.  After a little looking around, I found two other related videos, all of which I'll show below before I discuss any further.

This was the first video and the main one which has been causing so much debate. 

Here is the second, and now for the third and last:

Aside from the video itself, there are a few other odd things.  One of which is the film projector sound, which is said to have been added in at the end of some of these videos.  The thing is, I haven't been able to find the original, where it does not have this sound.  One gentleman decided to analyze the original video basing it upon the projector sounds and here is what he found:

All of which is a moot point if the sounds were added in later.  Other points of controversy stem from the smoothness of the video as well as the original person who uploaded it, a user by the name of MJ12.  MJ12 has not responded to any form of message and has removed most information from his/her profile from what I last read.  I couldn't even find the user on Youtube.  Another interesting thing about MJ12 is the username itself.  MJ12 also refers to a group of scientists who supposedly worked on UFO recovery projects. 

So, this is all of the information I have for now, granted all I've done is some very quick research but I'll do some more tomorrow and hopefully find out more about MJ12 (person and group) as well as the videos.  So, for right now, are the videos real?  Part of a viral campaign?  Very elaborate fakes from someone who has way too much time?  I'm not entirely ready to mark the videos off as fake even though I'm doubting their reality very seriously.  What do you think?

The old house

I guess that title is rather cliche, but I couldn't think of another seeing as I just got off of work.  I may go back and see if I can change it later, but for now it will do. 

My fiance and myself were looking for a place to live when we found this historic house in a neighboring city that fell just within our price range.  We both love historic places, so we decided to jump on it.  We moved in a little while later and although nothing odd happened, we did wonder if the house was possibly much older than was originally stated.  Our reasoning for this was how it was constructed primarily.  The basement was a bit strange though.  It was unfinished, but in the back was a room of sorts.  It had a doorway, and small wall with a window.  In the room were two rows of wide benches all the way around it.  Originally we suspected this was used as a cellar but we later began to wonder what else it could have been used for.

After doing some asking around, we learned the house was built in 1861.  The area in which we lived was next to some railroad tracks and apparently the Union destroyed the entire area during their march south in the Civil War.  Guess which house was the only one they left standing?  You guessed it, the one we were in.  Apparently it was converted into use as a hospital during the war.  We couldn't find out too much more about the house except that in the '80s two children were playing with a handgun when one was fatally shot. 

So, this is all of the backstory we could find to the house.  (Well, really had time to find out).  Even still, everything was peaceful and quiet.  Then, one night we were sleeping in the bedroom, and someone started punching the bedroom door.  We of course were rather freaked out.  We jumped out of bed, waited a second to see what would happen, then began to investigate the house.  Everything was locked up and no one was there.  It wasn't too long thereafter that my fiance started to have things happen to her.  They happened to her exclusively from then on for the most part.  The two biggest examples was a huge crash as if a bookcase had toppled to the floor one day while she was home alone.  When she checked, everything was fine.  She had also taken our dog out for a walk one night and had the door slam shut behind her.  Of course, this can be caused by drafts, but we looked into that possibility and there were no drafts which could have caused it. About a month or so later we had to move.  I would not mind going back to the house to visit or even live there again but we shall see what the future holds.

These have been all of my major experiences with other people who can verify what I have said although there has been much more. 

Until I can post some information on actual investigations I think I will post some articles and current events as well as my take on them.  Of course, they will all have a paranormal or peculiar twist to them. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Second encounter on the ridge

So, this next experience is going to be much shorter although it took place over a longer span of time.  That's probably a good thing considering I'm exhausted and really need sleep.  Here goes though. 

A few years later I was camping on the ridge (at the top, the trailer is about halfway up it), with my then significant other.  The night passed peacefully and uneventfully.  The next morning we packed everything up and went back to my neighbor's house.  When we got there, we were shocked to be laughed at almost immediately, and not for the obvious reasons.  We finally got it out of them that they thought we had chickened out and decided to camp at the old trailer instead.  When we asked why, they said because we saw your light there all night.  I wasn't sure what to think at this point because we had never left the top of the ridge all night long. 

Of course, someone could have been snooping around, but here's the catch.  On one side of the property is an older man, his wife and son who do not go out at night at all.  On the other side is a small family who deny being over there, which I am inclined to believe because the only one who would have done it is the youngest family member.  He is slightly mentally challenged though and I have honestly never heard him lie.  The other option would be over the ridge, which means whoever it was would had to have walked right by us.  Considering we were awake around the time they first saw the light below us, that doesn't seem very likely.  So, once again, no one has been able to provide a plausible explanation for this either. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My First Experience

Okay, so as I said before, I've had quite a few things happen to me.  I am only going to try to post the ones which it wasn't just me seeing or feeling what happened.  So, to start this story, I was in my teens and staying at a neighbor's house with his teenage son.  It was about 1 or 2 in the morning, and we were still up.  Boredom set in so we decided it would be a good idea to go to an 70s style old mobile home on their property on the ridge way behind the house.  This mobile home was falling apart and had nothing around it or living in it aside from bugs and snakes for years.  Why we decided to go there I'm still not sure.  So, we packed a light and some walking sticks and away we went.  We pried the door open, hooked our fluorescent lantern from a hook in the ceiling and just relaxed for a bit.  Keep in mind it was very dark that night with a slight breeze and a very, very light rain.  When we decided to go back, we both stood up and heard footsteps outside of the door.  We had both lived in forested areas our whole lives so there wasn't a doubt that the footsteps were made by something on two legs instead of four.  The sounds are distinctive.  We knew there shouldn't be anyone up there and no one knew where we were.  It became even more odd when the footsteps started pacing back and forth outside of the door.  Without knowing what else to do, I grabbed a post which was laying inside and kicked open the door.  When I jumped out, there was no one there.  There were no sounds of running and no sign of anyone.  The weather was not nearly bad enough so any of this could have been mistaken.  At this point we were really perplexed and scared, so we ran back down the ridge to the house.  No one has been able to provide an explanation for this.  This was also not the only thing I have had happen on the ridge.  More on that on my next post.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A brief explanation

When I decided to start this blog, I realized that instead of jumping right in I would need at least some explanation.  Right now it's fairly late, and I've had a busy day so my brain isn't exactly working at full speed but I'll try to make things coherent.  The purpose of this blog is to detail my experiences documenting and investigating paranormal activity.  I use this term fairly loosely in that I also use it to include such things as cryptozoology.  In other words, if it's unexplainable by normal means, I will use the term paranormal.  Now, let me clarify my own stance on this.  I'm not one of the crazies the media seems to love to portray when it comes to the paranormal.  I hold a Masters degree and have a full time job as well as a loving family.  My opinions oftentimes may not fall into the normal range of most people, but that is as crazy as it gets with me.  So, why my interest?  Part of it is that it simply is.  I have always been fascinated by such things.  In today's society, information on anything is readily available so any question a person may have, can be answered.  I like to think, I like to analyze, I enjoy these things immensely.  So, to be able to do that with a subject in which no one really knows what is going on is amazing to me. 

I do believe in the paranormal, but I am also a skeptic.  I do not believe most stories I hear.  I believe people may have misinterpreted something that happened as being something paranormal when it is not.  Everything must be taken in terms of perspective.  What one person sees and understands will not be the same thing as someone else will.  So, I do believe, but I may or may not believe in each individual instance immediately.  I have had my own experiences which I simply have no explanation for, and those I will detail in my next post.  Those contribute to my belief as well.  I also feel that it is crazy to believe we understand everything about our world.  New things are discovered every day.  So, to say that everyone who has ever experienced the paranormal is wrong, in other words, a 100% statistic, is the most foolish statement in the world to me.  Excluding scientific experiments and mathematics, a 100% probability in instances such as anything paranormal is absolutely ridiculous. 

So, introduction out of the way I think.  I will try not to digress from the topic, although I may occasionally.  My main purpose here is to tell about my experiences and investigations as well as my own views on paranormal cases I come across.  I hope everyone reading this finds the blog as interesting as I do.