Monday, July 9, 2012

Paranormal Encounters

So, while I am gathering information for a new post, I thought I would share this.

Since the paranormal is becoming more and more, well, let's say popular for lack of a better word, many people wish and want to know how they can have a paranormal experience.  This comes up very frequently on the internet and in real life.  So, here is my response.

I don't think how is a question which can be answered.  If experiences could be set up at will, we wouldn't have nearly as hard a time showing any such phenomenon exist.  The questions I can answer are, should you want an experience or do you really want one?

I was very interested in these topics way before they started becoming more mainstream.  One thing I discovered before I ever had any major experience was, truth is much scarier and stranger than any movie.  This I learned quickly from my research.  I know how that sounds, but please bear it in mind.  There are some doors of knowledge which, once opened, can be hard to shut.

Also, make no mistake about it, a paranormal experience can and will change your life.  Maybe not for the better.  Different people react in different ways when they see things they thought they knew since birth suddenly turned upside down.  It really starts a questioning process of what exactly we do know about our world.  Then, there's the question of sanity, embarrassment of talking about the experience, plus coming to terms with what just happened.  These are not easy things.

In essence, keep this in your thoughts.  The rabbit hole may certainly look inviting, but inside it can be a very scary place to be.

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