Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mystery Mound Update

So, originally I had hoped to post a map of the area where the mound was likely to be.  Granted, I had never studied geology or fault lines so, when googling a map of the fault line I quickly realized that instead of a distinct line on a map, fault lines appear to be generally mapped according to an area, instead of a straight line.  In other words, that makes pinpointing an exact location from Teague's vague directions in relation to the fault line as a daunting task.  Added to the fact, yes, he did mention a waterway, however in a national forest there will be plenty of those.  Depending on the size, some of them will not be shown on any but the most detailed local area map.  This I know from my own hiking experience.  So, without more exact directions, this would be an almost ridiculous task.

During my time off, I have had some time to think about this a little bit deeper as well and I have ran into some issues with Teague's account past the ones I had mentioned earlier.  Teague never mentions staying overnight.  Which means, the Mound is close to whereever it was they had parked at.  This confirms my own conclusion and experience that Teague could not have hiked more than 5 miles into the forest.  This doesn't sound like much, but for someone not used to hiking and doing so over rough terrain, this is an arduous task.  I know this from my own experience.  So, even being generous and saying 5 miles in maximum, that still leaves a hike of 10 miles each day for a there and back trip.  Seems a bit farfetched that something that close to a parking area, etc., in a national park would not have been found by rangers.  Finally, for all the people Teague took with him, how come he's the only one who has ever said anything concerning the Mound?

It is now my theory that the Mystery Mound more than likely does not exist, but there are still questions.  Teague obviously went somewhere, as the pictures were not faked.  So, where did he get them?  Why even go through this much trouble?  What about the other witnesses which would definitely lend more credibility to the story?  I guess these questions could only be answered by Teague or an associate, if any would answer questions or come forward.

On my next post, I may  have some information on stuff in my local area, plus some information on an area in Siberia called Tunguska, which is a very interesting place for being taiga.

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