Friday, May 11, 2012

The Missouri Mystery Mound Part 1

So, this story was initially very catching but after reading and looking at everything I am not convinced that everything presented is true.  I do agree something odd was found though.

For anyone who didn't know, the Missouri Mystery Mound is a man-made "mound" as well as a series of interconnected passages underneath a section of the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri.  Mounds built by Native Americans are not uncommon whatsoever, but this one was definitely unique.  For more information on Native American mounds, click here.

The basic story of the Mystery Mound really begins and ends with man by the name of Charles Teague.  Mr. Teague was researching for clues to a possible location of the Holy Grail in North America when he caught an interview with a Native American shaman on a radio show by Art Bell.  The shaman claimed to have been exploring when he was approached by another Native American.  This stranger blindfolded the shaman and led him to a place in the deep woods which contained a hall of records under a mountain.  It apparently also encompassed many ancient artifacts.  Upon recollection, the shaman claimed he did not know the exact location of these treasures, but was positive of an approximate location.

This story fascinated Teague, so he began to research it, quickly getting nowhere.  His apparent breakthrough came in the form of reverse speech.  This is at one of the junctions the story begins to seem more the work of fantasy than anything realistic.  Reverse speech is the idea that humans not only speak forwards using their conscious mind to direct the thoughts and sounds, but also backwards at the same time.  The unconscious mind is in control of the backwards speech which can apparently give insight into the thoughts of the speaker.  For those of you who initially got confused, think about the old stories of playing a rock song backwards to hear lyrics about devil worship and claiming that was what the person was thinking while they were singing.  More information on reverse speech can be found here.

Mr. Teague had recorded the entire interview with the shaman and decided to analyse it using reverse speech.  What he claimed to have found was a series of clues which hinted at the location of the hidden hall of records.  Below are some of his clues as well as his interpretation:

"Maps yield it"
This told me that the location could be found on a map. Whether it was a general map or a personal map, I wasn't sure.

 "Seize the fault in America"
I surmise that the site was along a fault line.

 "Missouri, you fear it"
This confirmed it was located along the New Madrid fault in Missouri.

 "Me and my bow and that Ozarks. There where found it"
The site was found in the Ozarks.

"Rock, there it's hiddeth"
The Hall of Records is under a rock or the entrance is.

"Mile de wet"
There is a mile of wet ground or water or swamp, possibly a ravine, canal or stream.

"Mill is lizard"
The location of the site has something to do with a lizard. This totally confused me. What did a lizard have to do with the Hall of Records?

 "Moss make gather"
"We all soily and knows it"
"See bury gift"
"The wig go wet"
"Moss may gather"
this group of reversals reveals that the location of the site is covered in moss, lots of soil and wet ground. So to see the buried gift one must get wet and dirty. One must go down a "shaft" to reach the Hall of Records.

No matter your thoughts on the process of which the clues were obtained, they did provide Mr. Teague with a starting point, although not much else.  Feeling at a loss, Teague left the subject alone until he read some information on Col. George Morgan, an army officer who helped create peace between Native Americans and Revolutionaries during the Revolutionary War.  Teague's main point of curiosity was where the Colonel obtained his riches.  Teague believed it came from the Native Americans as there was no indication it could have come from anywhere else.  Upon examining the coat of arms of the family, (shown below) Teague discovered what he believed to be a grid map on the 3rd panel down on the left.

After examining some maps, Teague narrowed down an area to search.

As strange and farfetched as this sounds...  it definitely gets more so.

For my opinions on this story thus far, I have never really studied Grail lore, however...  I cannot fathom the Grail finding a resting place in North America from ancient times.  Stranger things have happened though.  From what little I have read of reverse speech, unless specifically engineered to give a message backwards, playing normal speech in this fashion and gaining any information from it is simply your brain attempting to make sense of nonsensical sounds.  Finally, coats of arms tend to have a variety of symbols, all of which with different meanings.  Am I saying I don't believe it would be a map?  No.  It could very well be possible.  I will say I cannot imagine how anyone could gather any information from a tiny square with two X's and a squiggly line going between them.

So, thus far we have a high sense of disbelief.  In the next part, I will describe what Teague found, which even though seems more unbelievable, adds in at least some credibility in that he did find something in the forest....

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