Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Missouri Mystery Mound Part 2

After about two or three trips, Teague finally found what he was looking for while exploring the Mark Twain National Forest.  Following the directions from his clues, he came upon a rock which looked to be in the shape of a lizard.

From this point on, things begin to exhibit a much higher level of strange.  During subsequent trips, Teague claims to have found many carvings and doorways into the mound itself.  Some of those are shown below.

Teague claims other things have been noted as well.  One of the most striking is that the area has been shaped into different images which can only be seen from the air.  After examining those images, I chose not to include them in this post simply because I believe he's seeing the same thing which allows us to see shapes in clouds.  The mind is simply trying to make sense of what it's seeing and so sees familiar shapes.  I could not find anything definitely striking about the images.  However, in the below image he does claim the lines are boundary walls.

Teague made many trips to the mound, even to the point of bringing friends and visitors to see it as well.  Each time he and his associates went, they were accosted by a group of men who wanted Teague's group to come with them.  Teague always refused.  Sometimes the encounters were even threatening.  What the men were doing there or protecting, Teague doesn't know.

As another point of oddity, Teague also claims to have seen creatures observing him in pictures which had been taken.  One of these as well as it's enhanced version is show below:

There does appear to be something there, but what it is I'm not sure.  I don't believe the picture was tampered with, but, once again it could be a case of seeing what you want to see instead of what is there.

As of right now, Teague does not plan on making any more trips to the Mound.

I know this version of the story was very curtailed, but you can read more at these sites:







So, what exactly is in the forest?  I'm not sure.  If all the picture evidence is to be believed, Teague did find something as evidenced by the picture of the door on one of the above sites.  Whatever it is though, I do believe he has been mistaken on some of his claims.  Either way, it would be interesting to see if there is actually anything there.  Soon I hope to have time to compare his directions and pictures to satellite imagery and see if I can come up with a location of the mound to post.

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